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September Book Club - Disorientation

I am not sure how this obsession with books became reignited this year. Perhaps a distraction from my family is so different now since both of my parents have passed. Reading became my refuge. The place where I could curly up after a long day no matter how stressful and simply escape.

This year I became even more interested in the stories that share an experience, so I can empathize and have a different perspective. This month's book from my bookshelf is by Elaine Hsieh Chou entitled Disorientation. 29-year-old Ph.D. understudy Ingrid Yang is frantic to complete her paper on the late standard artist Xiao-Wen Chou and never read about "Chinese-y" things once more. Yet, following quite a while of difficult examination, all she needs to show for her endeavors are unhealthy food enslavement and stomach torment. At the point when she coincidentally finds an inquisitive note in the Chou Chronicles one evening, it seems to be her ticket out of scholastic damnation.


Be that as it may, Ingrid's in a lot further than she naturally suspects. Her awkward adventures to unwind the note's message lead to a hazardous disclosure, overturning as long as she can remember and the existence of everyone around her. What follows is a chaotic ride of incidents and misfortunes, from book burnings and OTC medication mind flights to controversial fights and Yellow Hazard 2.0 promulgation. As the occasions Ingrid induced continue to twist, she'll need to defy her tacky relationship with white men and white organizations — and, in particular, herself.

A rankling send-up of honor and power, and a significant retribution of individual complicity and implicit fury, in Confusion Elaine Hsieh Chou asks who will recount our accounts — and how the story changes when we at last tell it ourselves.


Disorientation Book Club Kit
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