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My Favorite Spring-Cleaning Amazon Purchases: Opera Singer Edition

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to tidy up your home and get organized, especially for music lovers. Here are some helpful tips and products to help you get started:


Hang hooks for jackets, hats, and bags to keep them off the floor. As a classical singer you know how many scarves and hats we use all year around! I was not sure how this would look in my space, but it really helped keep my coats off the back of the chairs when I walk in. "There's a place for everything and everything has a place" ...I am still working on that.


Clear plastic storage bins are perfect for storing and organizing CDs, records, and other music-related items. Check out the "Sterilite 17571706 66 Quart/62 Liter ClearView Latch Box" . These are great for your closets, under hide-a-way tables, guest rooms, and any other creative way you can think to use them.


As you know, I have gotten a lot better at cooking at home instead of spending so much money on going out. I also think it is a better way to pull back the numbers on the scale. I was pleasantly surprised when added this gadget to my collection. I have been swapping out meals where we could use some help reducing the carbs from our favorite PASTA and substituting spaghetti with spiral zucchini! The "Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Spiralizer" can be used to make healthy zucchini noodles or other vegetable dishes.

Incorporating these products and tips into your spring-cleaning routine can help you declutter and organize your home, making it easier to focus on your passion for music.


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