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What's Performing at The Metropolitan Opera in March?

The Metropolitan Opera is one of the most renowned opera houses in the world, offering world-class performances that showcase the best of opera. This March, the Met has a lineup of stunning operas that are sure to captivate audiences of all ages. From timeless classics to contemporary productions, there is something for everyone at the Met this month.

Women's History Month kicks off with "Norma" and "La Traviata". La Traviata is one of my favorite operas! If you have not watched my show Operaluscious, the third episode features one of my favorite writers Paola Bassanesa who creates an amazing brunch dessert recipe inspired by the opera! Visit my on-demand channel 728 Media! March Madness is also in full swing at the Met with the productions of Falstaff, Lohengrin.

Here is a breakdown of some of the must-see performances in March:

  1. La Traviata: The title role of the “fallen woman” has captured the imaginations of audiences and performers alike with its inexhaustible vocal and dramatic possibilities—and challenges. Violetta is considered a pinnacle of the soprano repertoire.

  2. Norma: Examines an ageless and archetypal situation: A powerful woman compromises her ideals for love, only to find herself betrayed by her lover. But equally gripping is her relationship with the younger woman who is the new object of her former lover’s attention and in whom Norma sees both a rival and a second self.

  3. Lohengrin: It is a Romantic-era reimagining of a persistent Medieval legend about a mystical knight who champions a persecuted maiden on the sole condition that she never ask his name and the issues at stake range from the spiritual (the role of the divine in human lives) to the political (nation-building in times of transition and migration) to the deeply personal (the centrality of mystery in erotic attraction).

  4. Falstaff: The story is an amalgamation of scenes from Shakespeare, primarily drawn from the comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor. It centers on the remarkable personality of Sir John Falstaff, one of literature’s most compelling characters.

In addition to these mainstage productions, the Met Opera also offers a variety of other events, including recitals, lectures, and family-friendly performances. With so much to choose from, there's something for everyone at the Met Opera.

Whether you're a seasoned opera-goer or a newcomer to the art form, the Met has something for everyone this March. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of the stage and see some of the world's most talented singers perform in person. With its world-class performers and breathtaking productions, the Met Opera is sure to leave you spellbound. Get your tickets now and prepare to be transported to a world of music and drama.

Print this crossword below of Met Performances!

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