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I have often wondered about "Prescription Creativity." When I was a music major, I had plenty of friends who majored in Music Therapy. If music and art can be used as a type of therapy, why can't it be prescribed?

In the past couple of years, however, calls for the arts to be a core component of social prescribing in the UK have been growing but what about in the United States? If you are a performing or creative artist, you already know the answer. In many countries such as the UK, governments are recommending that this concept be explored and put into action through case studies.

The arts as a whole address several causes of poor health because there are several unique benefits by incorporating the arts into your daily life including:

Mental health and well-being Singing has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, even when in a group settings. The arts can create social connections which is so important to everyone, especially right now.

Long-term conditions The late opera singer Robert McFerrin suffered a stroke, and was able to continue performing. Music therapists know that singing and the visual arts can improve the quality of life of people who suffered a stroke.

The evidence is clear: The arts can greatly improve a person's quality of life. It would be a wonderful plus to our overburdened health care system if Doctor's started to prescribe a dose of pure creativity when warranted.

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