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Graceful Artistry: Manners for Opera Singers in the Harbour for the Arts

Opera singers possess not only exceptional vocal talent but also a profound appreciation for the art form. As performers in the Harbour for the Arts, it is crucial for opera singers to embody not only musical excellence but also impeccable manners and professionalism. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of manners for opera singers and how they contribute to creating a harmonious and respectful environment within the opera community.

  1. Respectful Communication: Clear and respectful communication is paramount for opera singers. Whether interacting with fellow performers, directors, or backstage crew, using polite language, active listening, and demonstrating appreciation for everyone's contributions fosters a positive and collaborative atmosphere. Additionally, being punctual for rehearsals, meetings, and performances shows respect for others' time and dedication.

  2. Graciousness with Audiences: Opera singers have the privilege of captivating audiences with their performances. Expressing gratitude through gestures like acknowledging applause, maintaining eye contact, and smiling warmly can create a deeper connection with the audience. Cultivating a genuine appreciation for the support and enthusiasm of the audience enhances the overall concert experience.

  3. Professionalism Backstage: Backstage etiquette is essential for a smoothly run production. Opera singers should be mindful of their behavior, demonstrating professionalism and respect for their colleagues. Being considerate of shared spaces, maintaining a positive attitude, and avoiding gossip or negativity contributes to a supportive and inclusive environment.

  4. Collaborative Spirit: Opera is a collaborative art form, and fostering a spirit of collaboration is vital. Opera singers should embrace teamwork, supporting and uplifting their fellow performers. Offering assistance, providing constructive feedback, and celebrating the achievements of others cultivates a nurturing and inspiring atmosphere for all involved.

  5. Cultivating a Positive Reputation: Opera singers are ambassadors of their craft, and their conduct both on and offstage shapes their reputation. Demonstrating good manners, being gracious, and embodying professionalism not only enhances their personal brand but also reflects positively on the entire opera community. Building a reputation as a courteous and respectful artist opens doors for future opportunities and collaborations.

In classical music, where passion and talent converge, maintaining good manners is essential for opera singers. By practicing respectful communication, graciousness with audiences, professionalism backstage, fostering a collaborative spirit, and cultivating a positive reputation, opera singers contribute to a harmonious and thriving opera community. Let us remember that not only do exceptional vocal skills define an opera singer, but also their gracious and respectful demeanor.


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