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Five Benefits of a Self-Care Day

I was not a big fan of a "self-care" day simply because when I was going through college, there was no such thing. It was just get up, go do what you needed to do for school, and deal with it.

Once I started touring, some of the performers would call out because they were in need of a "mental health day". That made way more sense to me. However, since the pandemic, this concept of self-care has really made me think about the value and benefits of allowing yourself time to heal, process, reflect and nuture yourself.

Fast forward, I have become a fan of self-care days. It is an essential aspect of maintaining mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing for performing and creative artists. It is a great way to recharge and rejuvenate. If we think of our careers in the performing and creative arts like a well, the more you give of yourself through auditions, training, rejection, networking, work, family, and maintaining your career and living, the more you have to make the time to replenish the well (pouring water back into it). Below are five benefits of a self-care day:

Reduces stress: A self-care day can help