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Farmhouse Flair

If you love the farmhouse look, try these quick budget friendly tips for creating a farmhouse look that is as unique as you! The trick is to keep your space from looking too cluttered. So just find a few pieces that can act as accent pieces!

Distressed Wood Furniture - Look for darker or lighter wood that's distressed. Look for benches, dining table, coffee tables, chairs or bookcases.

Black or Metal Furniture - It gives a great rustic farmhouse look. Black metal will help to m

odernize your home. Think about bar stools, chairs, large wall clocks.

Jute Rugs - Helps to ground your space and separate an open floor plan. It also transitions well if you decide to change your interior theme (for example, you go from farmhouse to modern).

Old Windows - Use it as an accent piece. You can find them at a garage sale, antique markets or your local Goodwill. You can use them as a headboard, a gallery wall, or a space to organize your jewelry or photos.

Signage - Try wood signage. They usually have quotes or phrases that center around home and/or family. It helps bring the community feel.

Mason Jars - These days you can find them everywhere. Mason jars are multipurpose. You can spray paint them, use them around the house to help organize, or use them as a vase.


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