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Having a dedicated space helps the creative flow. You do not have to have a huge office, a corner of a room is fine. Always have a wall where you can have a desk, calendar and a few other essentials. Small spaces are perfect as long as you remember to keep it organized. Here are five easy tips to

get you started.

Shelves- This will help keep your desk organize and will provide more space for keeping things organized.

No big desks-If you are working with a small

space, get rid of a big clunky desk and opt for something with clean lines and light in color. Remember, you can do a lot with a student desk from Ikea.

Baskets - Add a few organized baskets if drawers are not attached to the desk.

No double duty -Avoid using your area as a space that can do double duty. For example a drop down mirror vanity which can double as a desk. Usually, it becomes a drag if you need to get to something inside of your vanity and you are working on a project.

Dividers - Dividers can double as an inspiration board and room divider.


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