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Beyond the Grammy: Unraveling the Mystery of Why Beyoncé Eludes Album of the Year and What She Needs to do to Win

Opera Singer Bridgette Cooper at Bump and Grind in Silver Spring Maryland
Opera Singer, Bridgette Cooper

I must have been living under a rock. I simply assumed that Beyoncé and won Album of the some point! When it came to my attention from a colleague that she has never one album of the year, I must have been in denial because I thought, there was no way! I researched and found out it was true. Beyoncé a global icon and musical powerhouse, who has seemingly conquered every realm of the music industry, yet there's a perplexing enigma surrounding her Grammy journey, particularly the Album of the Year category. As we delve into the intricacies, a series of facts and doubts emerge, shedding light on the compelling reasons why Queen Bey may continue to elude this prestigious accolade. What is the real reason as to why Beyoncé eludes Album of the Year, more importantly, what she needs to do to win...if anything.

I have never been one to 'fan girl" over Beyoncé, but I do have a very deep level of respect for her. As a mother I respect her for trying to balance it all and keeping her career first. I respect her as a musician. I respect her for the difficult decisions she had to make to maintain her career. I respect her for knowing herself so well, that she has perfected saying "no" when an opportunity does not serve her. When you get to her level of success, at some point you have to be ok with being a real "Mother F'er" when it's called for, and not letting it rattle you. Believe it or not, I am just learning that. As an opera singer, we get into a bad habit of saying yes to almost any role, even when the repertoire is not right for us. Sure you may lose work because you tell someone that you do not sing a particular repertoire, but you also save yourself the fallout from singing repertoire that is not right for your voice during a performance or trying to cram 200 pages of music in your brain for a performance in a week. I have learned the art of saying "no", or at least making sure that I have artistic license when it comes to repertoire selection for a recital.

Beyoncé may not have won album of the year just yet, but if she still wants to....I think I know how she can accomplish this. Beyoncé is going to have to remove and/or address any shadow of doubt.

1. The Pen Behind the Throne

If you don't know, I ran for U.S. Congress twice. It taught me so much about things I never thought of, and not being on the fence. running for public office makes you become crystal clear about what you do, what your message is and showing people through actions. Let's get real, there has always been a persistent cloud of doubt hovers over Beyoncé's songwriting credits. I used to not pay this any attention considering she has always given credit to those who wrote some of her songs. However, maybe this is not enough. The speculation that she may not be the sole lyricist of her songs raises questions about the authenticity of her artistic contributions and, consequently, her eligibility for Album of the Year. If this is the case, then I am 100% sure she compensated the ghost writer (if this is the case) appropriately, however, she needs to take it a step further. Let people know "Correct, I did not include xyz singer as a writer, because our agreement said XYZ".

2. The Unspoken Omissions

In the collaborative world of music, the omission of due credit can become a contentious issue. Beyoncé's alleged tendency to overlook original collaborators has sparked debates about the fairness and transparency of the creative process behind her albums. I have done some research and I see some of the projects where she was definitely influenced from someone else's work, but aren't we all? It is ok to be moved and inspired by another artist. How amazing would it be if Beyoncé decided to include "inspired by" at the end of her videos or any work. It would do so much for other artists, as well as showing people that Beyonce really does appreciate the work of other artists.

4. Blessing or a Curse?

Beyoncé's ability to seamlessly traverse genres, blending R&B, pop, hip-hop, and now country, has undoubtedly expanded her reach. However, this genre-blurring approach might be a double-edged sword when it comes to Album of the Year, as it poses challenges in fitting neatly into traditional genre categories.

5. Cultural Impact vs. Grammy Recognition: The Dilemma

While Beyoncé's albums undeniably have a profound cultural impact, there's an intriguing paradox in how this translates to Grammy recognition. The question arises: Is there a misalignment between the critical acclaim her work receives and the accolades bestowed by the Recording Academy?

6. Album Artistry vs. Single Success: A Discrepancy?

Beyoncé's albums are often praised for their cohesive storytelling and artistic vision, yet her Grammy wins often skew toward individual songs rather than entire bodies of work. This raises the question of whether the Recording Academy values the artistry of an entire album as much as the success of its standout singles.

The mystery of why Beyoncé may never clinch Album of the Year at the Grammys is a multifaceted puzzle. From songwriting speculations to collaboration credit controversies, Grammy politics, genre-blurring challenges, and the perceived discrepancy between cultural impact and recognition – each element adds depth to this enigmatic narrative. As we continue to witness Beyoncé's unparalleled influence in the music industry, the Grammy saga remains a captivating chapter in her illustrious career.

This year is her year. She will receive the Grammy for Album of the Year. You never know, this may be my year to be nominated for a Grammy as well.


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