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“Bridgette Cooper’s voice was nuanced in delivery and captivating in quality”

         Gregory Shepherd, 

            The Honolulu Advertiser

 " We were privileged to hear Anne Brown's story through song by award-winning operatic recitalist, recording artist, and actress Bri Cooper"
           Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake


"An American visitor to Ottawa, Ms. Cooper is leaving behind a lovely grace note and unique act of giving back to her temporary home"
        - Janice Kennedy,
                   Ottawa Times

The audience was entertained by the spectacular voice of Bridgette Cooper, an opera singer whose spectacular voice resonated magnificently as she sang... -               Nichole Penner,

               North Haven Courier

“As Bridgette Cooper stood to sing…one was frozen by the opera singer’s powerful voice, and mouthed a word to his friends….WOW”

               Jess Walter, 

                   Anchorage Sun

"Bri Cooper is bringing quality her listeners and to those who will take time out to be introduced to her sound that will give you goose bumps."

               Urban Buzz Magazine

" When I say, that ‘Peace Signs Up’ by Carlethal featuring Bri Cooper (aka The Mezzo Maven) is a phenomenal recording, it is an equal understatement. Bri Cooper’s big soprano, swirling like the wind in the background – together – they have delivered the Anthem for Peace."

                 The Neighborhood

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