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Restoring The American Dream

"All In" 

 Why do I want to restore the American Dream? Because we need to refocus and re-energize and re-invest our commitment to our country. No matter who you are, or where you are from, it is time to ask yourself "What is my American Dream?", has it changed? Has it evolved over time? Did you come to the United States for a better opportunity? What are you doing now to move your goals and dreams forward for you and your family? I can't do it alone. We have to be "All In".


As Congresswoman, I am committed to giving fair and balanced representation in Washington. I will advocate for the causes that mean the most to us as a community and a country. District 8 has over 700,000 residents from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. I will act on the behalf of our constituents,I will fight for arts education funding in our schools, work to close the achievement gap, a clear plan for school safety, build strong families, and communities through effective legislation that will benefit our country and our District. I will advocate for our veterans and senior citizens, promote entrepreneurship and more. 


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