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Why am I running for United States Congress?


I am running for Congress because like so many of you, I am concerned about our health care, climate change, access to excellent and affordable education, equality and safety in the workplace for everyone. I am concerned about the ability for small and large businesses to thrive while at the same time offering incentives for their hardworking employees.  I am concerned that educators do not feel as if they have enough support to succeed in the classroom. I also want our senior citizens and families of all sizes and socio-economic backgrounds to have immediate access to the resources that they need to support themselves.  As a single parent, I also know what it feels like not being able to afford the bare minimum to survive, to lay everything on the table so my own child can have even half of the opportunity I had in a two parent home growing up, including access to quality education, both public and private. I am concerned about the increase in the homeless population, as well as those who need more mental health support. 


My community leadership and volunteer work continues inspires me. I have been fortunate to have toured the world several times through my classical music career, and am grateful that much of my perspective about the world I live in, and my personal responsibility, was because of seeing the world first hand.  I have always been one of those people that instead of complaining, then maybe I need to see what can be done to be part of the solution. It also taught me that there are plenty of people who complain and throw insults, but are not willing to put the time or effort in to understand the process, or simply make things better. 


Lastly, I can not share with you enough, the role that the fine and performing arts play in molding the intellect of our youth into well-rounded citizens, as well as bringing opportunity to children who have learning disabilities.  It teaches leadership, character, persistence,  and several other life skills that are unique to each individual. The performing arts have been a staple of a balanced education since ancient Greece. Over the past several years, I have watched the role it plays in our society be minimalized and in some cases completely extinguished. Arts Education is a must for our children's academic and mental well being. 





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