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The Flip Series 


I wanted to create something for all music lovers, not just lovers of classical music. I wanted to create a space where music enthusiasts can go to learn more about specific arias without being intimidated. There is something extra special that I learned in the process. In a world where many choose to photo shop (including me), I decided that I would take yet another unconventional path and really let people hear the beauty of the human voice without tons of auto tune, editing, and well....trying to gloss over the fact that the human voice is human. The reality is that as much as one tries to correct a voice through software, it loses the vulnerability of the true sound with all of its beautiful intention.  You can let a million people listen to the same song and a million people will say something different about it (positive and negative). I realized that there is no such thing as perfect because we all have our own views as to what OUR "perfect" really is. 


The Flip Series gives you the opportunity to become excited about discovering a new piece of music by composers who are well known as well as some that are not as well known. I also wanted to have The Flip Series be about you, the listener, the operatic aficionado, the hip hop artist, the instrumentalist, the 9-5'ers, the single parents, the married couples, the elementary school students, the high school students, the college students, the PhD's, the Doctors, the lawyers, the wealthy and those that are working hard to support their families. 


What makes this "flip" is that it is sung in the original language as well as in English! Each month I will be introducing a language that so many operas and art songs are often sung in. So I thank each and everyone of you for stopping by!


With the help of some really great musicians and producers this has become a very special collection.





728 Productions, LLC

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